When a piano falls on Piers Cruickshank’s head and a digital St Peter sends him to hell, he thought he’d hit rock bottom. He was wrong.

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‘I couldn’t put it down quick enough’ — Tarquin Pimbleton, The Farrington Gurney Free Advertiser

‘We never reviewed Afterlife Ltd and we’ve never heard of Andy Hutchinson’ — Jann S. Wenner – Rolling Stone Magazine

‘Stephen King at his epic, pedal-to-metal best’ — Alison Flood, Sunday Times, Culture

‘The master of the pen has written yet another extraordinary novel.’ — Catherine Hutchinson, Wife

Afterlife Ltd is a comic fantasy novel by Andy Hutchinson which will appeal to fans of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Discworld and American Gods.

One the day the fires of hell go out and the plumbing freezes. Piers Cruickshank and his best friend Toby take the opportunity to steal the source of Satan’s power and make a break for it up a frozen River Styx.

Pursued across England by the combined forces of the afterlife, their escape sets in motion an apocalyptic showdown that will entangle God, a trainee angel called Frank, Satan, Mrs Satan, a demon called Terragon, King Arthur, a cavalcade of down-beat deities and one very surprised goat.

The clock is ticking and Piers has just 66.6 hours to win back the love of his life or be cast into limbo for eternity.