On Deadpool

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Today I took advantage of some annual leave to attend a lunchtime showing of Deadpool at the local multiplex. I didn’t have any problems getting precisely the seat I wanted (right at the very back, in the centre) and strolled in with 10 minutes to spare clutching popcorn and drink.

There were only two other occupants of the entire (large) screen. The first was a bloke of about my age who came in with an enormous frozen coke and sat a couple of rows in front of me. The second person was an old lady who looked like she was in her mid ’80s.

I have to admit I was a bit weirded out by the presence of the old lady. One should never make assumptions about the tastes of other people, but on the face of it she appeared to be several light years north of the target demographic for the movie. I wondered if she’d gone to the wrong screen and had actually intended to see Lady in the Van, which was on two screens down the corridor.

The movie began and I settled down to enjoy it. As you may know, it’s an adult superhero movie. Adult in this sense means ‘swearing, violence and tits’ and not ‘boring nuanced plot that only someone who has given up on life could understand’. It’s very rude, very nude and very funny. I laughed a lot and my two companions did not.

Occasionally I would glance left to the end of my row where the old lady was sitting, expecting her to have left, but she remained until the very end. I felt like running after her and asking her what she thought of the movie, but like Batman she had disappeared from sight in the blink of an eye. I give the film four stars out of five and the lady my hearty congratulations for confusing the living shit out of me.

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On March 11, 2016

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