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Vsnetsov_God_SonGod is the first to admit that her reputation exceeds her capabilities. As she says, she wasn’t necessarily the most powerful, she just had the best writers. She has grown bored of being the boss of Heaven and just seeks a bit of ‘me’ time so she can enjoy her hobbies. Her favourite pastime is driving fast cars fast. She has a massive collection of vehicles and is well known for terrorising commuters on Heaven Central’s roads. While she can be a bit of a hard arse, she can be forgiving. When the old gods lost their powers and the adoration of the public, she was the one that created the safe-zones and instigated the Act for the Protection of Latter-Day Deities . Mind you, she’s never let them forget it either.

One questions that comes up a lot, is why the bible constantly refers to God as a ‘he’ when she is now and always has been female. In an earlier interview, God explained that this was because of the patriarchy of the time – it was much easier to sell initiates on the whole single god concept if that single god was a male.  She still enjoys watching the faces of the recently dead when they find out.

Amongst God’s interests are:

  • Fast cars
  • Driving like a twat
  • The shopping channel
  • Top Gear
  • Agile Project Management Methodology

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On April 5, 2016

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