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Goddess of War by toy1989820Hailing from the Emerald Isle and summoned into being long before the Romans invaded Britain, Morrigan is a war goddess. Her name is derived from the Old English words ‘maere’ and ‘rigan’ which translate to ‘nightmare’ and ‘queen’ leaving nobody in any doubt as to her potential.  She’s capable of kicking just about anyone’s arse and if she comes up against something  particularly nasty, she can always whistle up her sisters, Badb and Macha.

Like many of the old gods, Morrigan is a shape-shifter. She used to be able to transform into a number of different forms, but after the great down-sizing she only had enough power to metamorph into a crow. In the 13th century she went travelling around northern Europe and pops up in a number of histories of the time. She had a fling with Dagda, but they didn’t part on the best of terms. Over the years she stayed current with all the various forms of fighting and is adept in a wide variety of styles, including Pugilism, Kung Fu and Wrestling.

After the old gods were forced into retirement, Morrigan paid her way by serving as a mercenary, a minder and a bare-knuckle boxer. Like many of the old gods, she struggled to find meaningful employment during the more civilised 20th century, but recently struck gold with an eBay store selling distressed furniture. She has a 99.8% approval rating and several recent purchasers commented, “A+++++++++++++ excellent comms – would buy from again.”

Amongst Morrigan’s interests are:

  • The UFC
  • Go-kart racing
  • Crossfit
  • Reddit
  • Sushi

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On March 19, 2016

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