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PurbrightLike many millennials, Purbright Longsword felt disenfranchised from society from his earliest years. Growing up in an age where the planet was becoming increasingly well connected, Purbright had never known a time without cutting edge technology such as Roman Roads and the Pigeon Post. The son of an inn-keeper, he spent much of his time either playing games inside or masturbating furiously. His father would often admonish him, telling him to put down his spinning top and spend a bit of time outside.

Purbright’s life changed dramatically, when as a callow youth of just 14 summers, he was indentured to a local sorcerer by the name of Magellan. Initially resistant to going out into the world and earning his living, Purbright quickly realised that he had been given an amazing opportunity. When he was not being asked to sweep and clean, the old wizard taught Purbright basic skills such as alchemy, homeopathy, basket-weaving, mind-reading, fortune-telling and how to make the perfect poached egg. Purbright realised too late that he was a powerful magician and disappeared on the same day he uttered his first spell.

Purbright’s interests include

  • Wanking
  • Colouring books
  • Sudoku
  • Conquering the world
  • Angry Birds

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On May 14, 2016

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