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red demon by hyun89Up until the 16th century, the demon Terragon had a fairly typical existence in Hell. He was employed primarily as local enforcement, brought in to resolve any disputes that occurred between the various factions in the underworld. That all changed on the night of May 5th in 1581. Earlier that year a small fissure had developed between the underworld and the overworld and Terragon had been charged with guarding it while the Morose Order of Acolytes worked out how to close it. On one of his usual night-shifts, Terragon was alarmed to spot a face appearing and disappearing behind the fissure. He went to inspect this rift between astral planes and was sucked through it.

On the other side of the rift was a chap called Henry de Valois, otherwise known as King Henry III of France. Luckily for Terragon, Henry was dabbling in Satanism at the time and so his arrival was greeted with thanks rather than hostility. Being a duke of Hell, this initially upset Terragon, but he quickly realised he was in a great position to do good work for his boss, Lucifer. So Henry and Terragon struck up an unlikely friendship and Terragon, with Satan’s blessing, started making regular trips through the fissure to see Henry. Over the next year, Henry slowly introduced other trusted Satanists to the demon and before long they were running regular black masses. These masses were not religious events at all, but usually took the form of drinking sessions at which the attendees played card game, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and piggy back races.

Unfortunately, a protestant poet by the name of D’Aubigne heard the rumours of these black masses. He managed to pay off a servant of the King’s privy chambers and, from within a wardrobe, observed the arrival of Terragon. The poet outed Henry as a Satanist in a sensationalist pamphlet. While Henry laughed off the suggestion that he worshipped the dark lord, the visiting arrangement had to come to an end and Terragon was asked not to return. Shortly afterwards the fissure was closed by the Morose Order.

Realising how valuable a foot-soldier Terragon was,  he was quickly promoted and became part of Satan’s own inner circle of trusted employees and advisors. He became the dark one’s very own fixer and was often sent to the overworld to deal with any troublesome souls and other issues that the organisation encountered during its day-to-day operations.

Terragon’s interests include:

  • Looking menacing
  • Causing people to wet themselves
  • Formula 1 racing
  • Trans-locating into magick circles, when summoned by a master and his fellows who have made a most unholy conjuration with a loud voice and a convenient gesture and countenance
  • Jam

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On March 14, 2016

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