Kiama – Sydney’s Favourite South Coast Day Trip

Kiama is, depending on how fast you drive and how much traffic there is, a couple of hours south of Sydney down the Princes Highway. It’s officially in the Shellharbour Council area, but in reality it’s more part of the South Coast of the Shoalhaven district. Kiama’s a great town with some terrific shops, cafes, restaurants and attractions. It has a famous lighthouse, a blowhole (or two), a harbour and some colonial architecture that’s still in active use.

The harbour at Kiama is still in use though these days it’s just weekend fishing traffic and a few fishing charter boats.


The view across to Kendalls Beach from the reserve at the lighthouse.


These tourists are waiting for the blowhole to do its thing. It never did.


Nice little hidey-hole these guys had.


Rock fishermen are amongst the dumbest of recreational sports enthusiasts – often standing on rock ledges in large swells despite the fact that they have poor swimming abilities.


Saw this couple hanging out, watching the waves break on the rocks.


The famous lighthouse.

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