The Five Best White Sand Beaches in Jervis Bay (That Are Not Hyams Beach!)

This summer the little village of Hyams Beach in Jervis Bay reached breaking point. The village is home to one of the most popular beaches in the entire region, but unfortunately it does not have the facilities or the capacity to cope with the thousands of tourists who want to come and check it out. Sailors Beach in Hyams Beach was the target of a very successful marketing campaign by regional tourism and that, along with the oft-repeated but definitely not-true claim that Sailors has the whitest sand in the world, meant an influx of visitors.

The problem is that the main beach car park at Sailors Beach in Hyams has space for about 15 cars. Yep, 15. So of course people park on the street. Then when the streets are full they park on the grass verges and nature strips. Then when the nature strips are full they park in front of people’s driveways. Then when the driveways are full they just abandon their cars in the middle of the road. No really, they do. It’s just mental.

It seems to be this obsession with white sand that draws people to Sailors Beach and the need for the all-important Instagram selfie with that white sand as a backdrop. So I thought I’d do a round-up of five amazing white sand beaches in Jervis Bay that people might like to consider instead of enduring the torture of a sunny summer’s day in Hyams Beach village. My five picks are Moona Moona, Greenfields, Chinamans, Murrays and Green Patch.

Moona Moona Creek & Collingwood Beach

Best of both worlds at Moona – pristine creek for the kids to splash around in and amazing beach to swim or sunbake on. Loads of facilities, nearby caravan park and close to both Vincentia and Huskisson shops.



Check out that white sand! Greenfields is a pristine beach located at the very southern end of Vincentia. Great facilities, access for pushchairs and one of the nicest beaches in the bay.


Chinamans Beach

Admitedly this one’s officially in Hyams Beach Village, but it’s not over-crowded Sailors Beach and it’s much nicer. You can walk to this beach down the lovely White Sands Walk from Greenfields Beach too!


Murrays Beach

Murrays is my favourite beach on the planet. You can find it at the very eastern end of the Booderee National Park. It has dazzling white sand, amazing turquoise water and awesome sea caves at one end. What’s not to love?


Green Patch

So much to love about Green Patch in Booderee. Beautiful beach, awesome little creek and one of the best-equipped campgrounds in the region right behind it.

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  1. John says:

    You’re missing out on the most beauiful beach on Jervis Bay: Callala Beach. It doesn’t have the facilities, but if you bring yourself some sandwiches and drinks you’ll find it’s remarkably pristine. The sand is just as white, the water just as blue, but the crowds are a lot smaller, if they’re present at all.

  1. March 19, 2019

    […] beach and taking a dip in the beautiful turquoise water should be your number one priority: choose one of the several must-see beaches, soak up the sun and take loads of enviable photos! In the unlikely scenario that you’ve had […]

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