Three Views Walk – Kangaroo Valley

The Morton National Park is a humungous 500,000 acres in size and stretches all the way from the southern edges of Sydney to Ulladulla on the south coast. The most famous landmark in the park is Didthul (Pigeon House) Mountain but most of the rest of the park is a complete mystery to the average visitor to the region. This is largely because vast tracts of Morton are officially classed as Wilderness which means that not only are they largely untouched and unexplored by humans, but that they are heavily protected in legislation and have to stay untouched. There are even limits on the number of people that can enter the Wilderness areas at any one time.

All of that being said, there are a number of bushwalks in Morton that you can use to your heart’s content and that let you experience this amazing landscape without needing any serious hiking gear, or a tent, or indeed pretty much anything other than some water. And one of those bushwalks is the Three Views walk which is located in Kangaroo Valley.

It’s called the Three Views Walk because there are three separate lookouts that you can check out. You can visit any of them individually, or all three if you want. Two of the lookouts are fairly similar and look over Lake Yurunga (a man-made lake) and the Tallowa Dam. The third walk takes you out into the Brooks Plateau and offers views of the Shoalhaven River and back towards the dam and the lake. If you only have time to do one of the walks, then do the River View walk as it is the best of the three.

All of the walks start from the same place. Just before the Tallowa Dam Road descends down towards the lake, there is a car park on the right-hand side of the road and opposite it, a low gate in front of a fire trail. There’s a short 500m spur that leads to a junction in the trails and you can then turn left to walk to the River View or right to the Lake and Dam views. The River View is about 5.7km return and is on flat (and mountain bike friendly) trails. It’s not, it must be said, the most interesting walk (thanks to the flat terrain) but it’s always nice to be out in nature.

The track leads you out across the Brooks Plateau to a viewpoint that faces west over a bend in the Shoalhaven River. This section of the Shoalhaven flows within deep canyon-like walls before it starts widening out past Coolendel. There are several vantage points that you can explore including a small trig point about 50m south of the main lookout. Once you’ve explored the vantage point close to the main path’s end point, you can, if you’re feeling adventurous, explore the spur that looks out over Three Mates Bluff – the details of this side-walk are listed in several of the excellent walking guides to the area.

Once you’ve taken in the scenery and enjoyed your fine bushwalk, you have a couple of options. You can continue down the road and visit Tallowa Dam, perhaps go kayaking or eat a picnic lunch. Alternatively,  you can head into Kangaroo Valley and stop off at one of the many excellent cafes and restaurants or the famous pub.



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